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What is an ISBN?


How Does Selling Textbooks Online Work?

We have tried to make selling textbooks online as simple as possible for you. To get started just click on the sell textbooks link above and enter the ISBN of the book you wish to sell in the box. Once you submit the ISBN our system checks to see what we are currently paying for the item and you just have to add the item to your seller cart and check out! We pay the shipping so all you have to do from there is send them in! Once they arrive payment is issued with in three business days.

How Does Shipping Work?

We try to make shipping as painless as possible so we provide a pre-paid shipping label once you complete your order. To ship simply print out the shipping label and tape it to the box and drop it off at any US Post Office. If you do not have a printer simply Contact Us and we will mail you a shipping label!

What is an ISBN and How Do I find it?

ISBN stands for the internation standard book number and can usually be found on the back cover of your book above the barcode or inside the front of the book with the copyright information. It is 10 or 13 digits. An example ISBN would look like the image below.